This page is dedicated to the testimonies of people all over the world who are hearing the voice of the bridegroom and coming out of Babylon. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27. Yeshua is calling His bride, and this is the response.


It was the day before Shavuot 2011 and I suddenly developed an urge to go and see what Nehemia Gordon was up to and if he had written any books since Hebrew Yeshua vs Greek Jesus. So I went online and saw that he was speaking at a livestreamed Rood event. Flipped it on and my husband and I had been listening about the Name of our Father for a few hours when I heard His voice. (Now you need to know that I NEVER hear His “outside” voice unless I am getting rebuked, He saves it for special occasions )

“You want to justify eating pork?”

I just said, “Uh oh, oh no.” I knew He had to be right because I had never ever been able to come through any of his “outside voice” challenges unscathed. But I looked and looked and oh I felt sicker and sicker because I could clearly read that my justification was built upon assumptions and additions to the text. I could still smell the bacon in the house. I told my husband and and showed him the verses and he believed me immediately, as did the boys. Within just about 15 or 20 minutes we knew that the law was still in effect, but we were so scared because we had been carefully conditioned to fear the law. But we tossed a ton of pork and shellfish into the garbage can that day, even though it was hot and in June and garbage day was 6 days away! Our boys accepted it the easiest. They were ten, and they were immediately willing to give up Christmas and Easter once we explained the truth. But yeah, for us it was the “pork challenge.” It was actually the one that impacted our lives the most — three weeks later, I was off my blood pressure, asthma and arthritis meds, and my fingers started uncurling! Talk about the perfect law of FREEDOM!

– Elizabeth TylerDawn Rosenquist


I was raised in church…so was my wife…Baptist, AOG, Non-denominational…
After we were married we started seeing the hypocrisy in church’s. We went through several years of “friction” trying to find “the right church”. Some of those years we didn’t go at all until we would find another that seemed to be a little more “in-tune”, but usually things would get tense about the time we would start asking questions. Church leaders don’t like questions I noticed.

About 5-6 years ago we were really becoming aware of the corruption in the world and how closely it related to bible prophecy. One day we stumbled upon a guy online named George Gordon who is TO and runs a small Mosaic Law school here in MO. We started listening to his archive of radio programs and we were getting it. Some things were a little hard to chew for newbies and we had not other fellowship than hearing his voice on the radio. We knew right away that much of what he was saying was true and we should be doing it as well. Everyone around us was mainstream and anytime we mentioned it we got the typical nailed to the cross response. We didn’t even know what Torah meant and had never heard of Hebrew Roots. In spite of that we managed to go several months keeping the Sabbath (incorrectly) and skipped X’mas and Easter that year. We eventually fell out of step and life went on as normal…except we never felt right about X-mas, Easter and the Sabbath. We were doing it more to be like everyone else than any other reason. So we didn’t feel awkward when people would ask our kids what they got for x-mas… it’s easier when the kids can brag about their gifts.. it makes you look like such a bad parent when your kids don’t have a “good x-mas” right?

Then through a friend sending me links for a year (I ignored him a while, but thankfully he was persistent.) I finally actually watched one…a 119 video. My bibles and related books had been packed in boxes and it had been over a year since I had laid eyes on them. Late that night, after watching a few hours of vids, I drove the 45 min drive to where my bible was stored and got it. I stayed up till nearly daylight studying. That continued for a month or more, I doubt I got a good 5 hours straight worth of sleep the whole month.

I learned more about the bible in that month than I had my whole life prior to that. The intensity of my study has leveled off some, but I’m still learning everyday thins I never knew. The Word has became real.

My wife and I kept the very next Sabbath following that night, and have not missed one since and we kept our first spring feasts this year.

This time around we have connected with like-minded others through facebook which has been a tremendous help. This page alone has been a major source of learning and fellowship. We’ve came a long way since the days of listening to Mr. Gordon. Looking back I can see Yah’s hand in it the whole time. He has gently guided my family and I to the truth, just like a good shepherd, and he continues to do so.

-Richard Cassinger


It started when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I would walk out by the corn fields behind my grandpa’s house in IL and pray for hours. I prayed a lot when I was little. We moved to TN when I was 8. I still prayed, but not as much. One day while praying in my backyard, the Messiah and 2 angels came down. The clouds parted and I saw them up in the air, and they just floated down slowly, then they just stayed suspended in the air for a few minutes. I was very happy to see Him. After a few minutes he came to the ground, but the angels stayed in the air. He grabbed my hand and walked and talked with me slowly in the yard. I tried walking Him to my front door. I said, “I’m so happy You came, but before you go, I want you to meet my daddy.” He said, “I already know your daddy. I came to see you.” After that He said He had to go and so He left.

I thought about His visit a lot over the next few years, even though I never really understood why He came to visit me. I thought it was just really special that He did. I really wanted Him to come more often, but He didn’t. Not that I know of.

Time passed on as my family and I lived our lives. I continued to pray, but not as much. We moved to Texas when I was 14 and shortly after the move, my parents got a divorce. That was very painful because I didn’t know they had problems. They never fought in front of my sister and I and they never said an ugly word in front of us. We thought they were happy.

I got married when I was 20, still in TX. I told my husband I wanted to go spend the night with my sister, just to hang out with her at her home. She and I studied for her GED together, laughed and had a good time, then we went to bed. I slept in her extra bedroom. I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep… then suddenly I was in this black tunnel. It looked like it went up to heaven. I saw a good looking man with black hair, but I had a very bad feeling about him. I knew a few minutes later that it was Lucifer. His face was in the tunnel and he said, “If you close your eyes right now, you will never wake up again. You will have peace. Do you choose me?” All of a sudden my beloved Messiah’s face showed up in the tunnel. He didn’t say anything. I saw His smiling face and I could feel His love. I looked at Him and said, “I CHOOSE YOU!” At that moment, He took me, in the blink of an eye, up to heaven. He was sitting at the right side of the Father. There were some people on the right side of the Messiah, standing there. I was on the left side of the Father. It felt like a dark side, for some reason, I understood while I was there that I was on the goats side. (Really don’t know what a “goat’s side” is.) I started looking around and was amazed at what I saw and was so very happy to be there. I saw a sea of angels singing and praising the Father. Under them looked to be like a sea of the most beautiful glass. I looked at the Father, but I looked away because I was afraid. I looked at the Messiah and smiled at Him, took a deep breath, and He smiled at me, still filled with love. I looked back at the father and noticed that He had the whitest robe on that I’d ever seen – whiter than white, so white it was almost shiney. He had big feet and sandals on His feet. He had a staff in his right had, or a rod of some kind. Behind Him was a rainbow, clouds and a lot of stuff going on that was a blur. I looked at His face and tried to see it, but I couldn’t. It was very blurred out, so I looked back at the Messiah. He was wearing a purple robe, the most beautiful color of purple I’ve ever seen. The Messiah reached around the Father with His hand extended toward mine and said, “Follow me and you will be on my right side.” I grabbed his hand and said, “Ok, I will.” Immediately I began to walk to His right side. He pulled me out of the darkness and into the light on His side, but as I was walking toward Him, I was back in my sister’s spare bedroom.

Many years went by and I became a “Christian”. I went to different churches, different demoninations, kept the pagan days and all… None of it ever felt right. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. I began praying again. I prayed to know the Father’s Name and the Messiah’s name. I prayed that for years.

I went through much pain through my years. I won’t get into the things that happened to me, but thinking back, it still hurts a lot. I quit going to church, but still prayed and was still thankful for all of the good things in my life…

One day when I was 34 I heard a voice calling my name. I rememberd the Scripture that talked about answering the voice, so I said, “Yes, here I am.” Nothing happened. I heard the voice again a week or so later. I said the same thing. As I went dragging through the days, just trying to stay alive (I was so depressed), I thought I would just end the pain by walking on to the highway and letting traffic run over me. I walked toward the road and… that’s when my life changed forever.

I had the strong feeling to walk back home, so I did. I went into my apartment and fell on my face crying and screaming. I told the Heavenly Father that I know I don’t have His Truth and that I really desperately want to have it or there is nothing to live for. That’s when I felt His Spirit and everything changed.

I thought I needed to start reading the Bible again, and this time very slowly so that I can forget what I’ve been taught and only learn the Truth. Being an ex Christian, I decided to start in Matthew.

While reading through Matthew, I saw the commandments pop up here and there. I desired strongly to know what these commandments were. Then I saw the part that said, “IF you love me, keep my commandments.” I knew the commandments were in the “Old Testament”, so I immediately went to Genesis and started reading there. I was so amazed at the things I was learning, and so quickly. I came upon the 10 commandments in Exodus. I thought, well, these must be the commandments He was talking about. I had to adjust my life to the 10 commandments and start keeping Shabbat. After I kept Shabbat for a while and kept reading, I saw feast days there are to be kept, so I started keeping them.

I didn’t keep the feast days right at all for the first few years because I had no idea how to keep them. I just knew I had to obey and did the best I could, but as time went by, with more learning, reading, and praying, I found out how to keep them. I’m still learning though. My first passover, I had pork chops. Looking back, I know YHUH is so full of love, mercy, and forgiveness. My second passover I had boiled steaks. I had no idea what I was doing, but I tried as hard as I could. I’m so thankful for His forgiveness.

I’m 43 now and He has had me on one amazing journey. It’s a lonely journey for me, very lonely. I have my Facebook friends and I’m so thankful for that. I’m still learning and loving Him so much. I haven’t seen the Messiah again, but I know I will soon.

– Karen Renee


My adult daughter and I are bible study “partners.” Basically, we would do a study with a Christian evangelist online each morning …then call each other to share what we learned (with great enthusiasm). My daughter was fully committed to converting her non-practicing Jewish husband…while I was committed to getting teens back into the bible by teaching Sunday school. When I came across the scripture telling me as a teacher, I would be held more accountable, I decided it would be wise to actually read the whole thing, so I began doing a chronological reading. Everyday I found myself journaling about things that stood out to me…and at one point I journaled that God said “forever.” “Strange choice of words knowing that I would be coming across something later that said He changed His mind”….I really believed that!!!!! Each time, I would share these exciting new finds with my daughter who was also now reading through the bible…she was lining that up with what her 28 year old husband was saying based on his 13 years of Torah study prior to his bar-mitzvah. The father began opening both of our eyes to the beautiful truth…and upon finish the bible, I cried constantly for a week out of disgust for the way I had worshiped Adonai for so long. I’m just so thankful for the scripture “seek and ye shall find.” It makes it personal…. You have to WANT truth, to find it! And if you seek it…and He will thrill you to no end with treasures every step of the way!!!!

– Lori Ballard-Revercomb Shalom


I was active in ‘church’ all my life. Met hubby at church, and we continued in evangelism, music ministry and youth ministry. After many years and many ‘programs’, we became disgusted that church was more about programs and less about Father Yah. We actually had stopped going for a while, but had become hungry for the ministry again. In the unlikeliest of places, Yah called us out. There was a ‘prophet’ of sorts in a tiny little congregation led by pretty nonspiritual leaders and during a 3 day fast on fruit only, I began to question where my Bible kept opening up to. (always Paul’s writings, but for the first time I began to question their meanings). After the prophet prophesied over our family there was a precious Spanish Jew in our congregation who later shared what the prophecy meant from a ‘Hebraic’ point of view, and we had just received our CALLING OUT!!! About a month later, while praying and continuing in fasting, I heard in an audible voice that He called us to repair the breach and restore the paths and our lives have never been the same since! When folks ask how did I end up where I am today, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that YAH lead us here! And for 16+ years now, we have learned more by the leading of His Ruach than under any ‘ministry’ or in any building! Not one day goes by that I don’t suffer the greatest remorse for having been SO WRONG in all the teachings in mainstream churchianity, and I continue to praise Him daily for taking my family OUT and putting our feet on His Ancient Paths!

– Kelly Howard


I had a friend email me the passion for truth website. I went to it, and happened to watch truth or tradition. Well I called my husband and told him I don’t think I can do Xmas ( this was last year) and that I wanted him to watch it with me when he got home to see what he thought. After he watched it, he said ‘ get it all out of the house’! By the next week we had watched some more of Jim Staley’s teachings, and I had studied other sources to verify, and we were eating Kosher. The next week we were learning the true Sabbath and so on and so on. Testeverything.net and Passion for Truth have been such a blessing for us. My daughter has accepted it all with a passion. We were both raised in church and christian schools. As the Word says, once I was made to understand I run the way of your commands.

– Courtney Rebovich


I read the Bible before trying a church. There it was, written in black and white (and red). Forever in Genesis means the same thing as forever in Revelation! I was of a Hebraic mindset before I knew the word Hebraic!

– Terrie Carpenter


After 30 years of Christianity, teaching Bible studies & children’s church, leading worship, discipling, earning a Biblical Studies Certificate, graduating from a Baptist university, etc., a subtle uneasiness with everything surrounding Christmas began growing in me a couple of years ago (Holy Spirit induced, no doubt). I decided to look into it and learn why Christians celebrate December 25th, when it is common knowledge NOT to be the birth of the Messiah, and even if it were, nowhere in the Scriptures are we admonished to observe it. Once I understood why I was increasingly uncomfortable with Christmas (Easter, too), I desired to find out if there were other days He had for us to observe, sort of as a “replacement.” So I began reading about the Feasts, and understood that God said FOREVER, throughout ALL generations. Also, in learning of the Feasts, I learned that the Sabbath was pretty important to God, at least as it concerned the Israelites. More study brought me to the conclusion that those same instructions He gave to Moses and the Israelites really did apply to people everywhere through all times who desire relationship with Him. That changed everything. Now we have come out of “church,” are learning to observe the Feasts, and welcome Shabbat each week. And I am studying more than I have in my life. Along with Courtney Rebovich ^, 119 Ministries and Passion for Truth, along with a few other teachers, have been invaluable as I walk this Hebraic path. I am gently being taught, brought back around to what a relationship with the Creator was meant to look like, and am so very grateful!

– Paulette Calton


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