The Joy of preparing for Shabbat/Sabbath.

shabbat shalom5

By: Eric Turner

The Joy of Preparation of Shabbat-  Today(past experience) as I was cleaning, running to and fro getting all I needed for the Shabbat tomorrow, when my Michpacha will join with my Family in the joyful rest of Shabbat(Sabbath), I found myself in a different mood this week. I did not feel as if I was burdened, and had a very strange motivation to do the things we do every week to prepare meals, have a clean environment, and a smooth and peace filled setting for our weekly date with our Bridegroom. I was at a peace I have not yet experienced on Preparation day. I have felt this feeling before during Shabbat, and on the High Holy Days, but never during Preparation. I found myself almost “giddy” while doing the works we all do every week, kind of like that first time us men cook for our wives, and we are so happy and uplifted because we simply want to please her.

Something different was taking place, and when I noticed, I slowed down and prayed, asking the Father to reveal what he was trying to portray. I started thinking deeply and really getting into what I was doing, paying close attention to the things I was experiencing, and I had a moment I simply cannot describe well enough in words. My wife went out to the store to get some last minute items, and my son was watching my little girl, and a still quiet came over the house for about 15 minutes. I was mashing cloves of garlic getting ready to brown beef for the meal tomorrow. I started getting really relaxed and focused, in a very calm and “submissive” mindset, becoming putty in the potter’s hands. I just let my flesh go and ask that the Father show me again. I started heating up the beef, putting fresh garlic and herbs into the meat, and the steam puffed and rose up into my nose, and it smelled SOOOOOOOO  good, way better than any meal I had ever prepared. I started fanning the steam from the pan into my face and just consumed  all the aroma coming from the meat, and just took it in. At that time, I started getting visions of the Priests in the Temple Courts preparing the offerings for YHVH, and I was in awe. I had never experienced such an intimate experience before like this, I was experiencing the pleasures YHVH experiences when we offer up burnt offerings with herbs and it is SUCH a WONDERFUL aroma, lifted me off my feet it seemed. I was seeing in my mind everything that we have to look forward to in the Kingdom.

This lasted for a few minutes and then the visions shifted to a more modern setting. I envisioned walking in and my wife and soul mate was at the stove cooking dinner, and the aroma spread throughout the House was just flooring me. I walked up behind her wrapped my arms around her and said, “Dang Baby, what is for dinner”. All of a sudden, that still small voice said, “This is what I want”. That was it. We are Priests of the Most High and Betrothed to His only Begotten Son, Yeshua, and all he wants is for us to enjoy the blessings we have by serving Him as a submissive Bride, cooking for Him as our wives do for us. He simply wants us to Love Him in a way to where He can’t wait to get home from a week of Work, and we hear those words, “Dang Baby, what is for dinner”?  I learned today we are looking at things in a obscured light, and we need to refocus. We should be learning how to please our Betrothed, so he can enter into us and have Intimate time, allowing us to see His mind and experience His pleasures. The Pleasures of this world are a Beautiful thing, as long as we stay within the confines of the Covenant we agreed to as a Bride to our Bridegroom. He simply wants a loving and submissive Bride.

I will never look at Preparing for Shabbat, our weekly date with Yeshua the same ever again. I want more of these experiences, where I can feel and see what he feels and sees. This is what it is all about People, may we all come into the intimate relationship everyone claims they have and make it a reality instead of an ideal. Let us all walk in His Glory and show this World His Love. May it be so, HaShem Yeshua, Amein Amein!

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